Crowley's Thelemic Unicursal Hexagram

Talisman by Winter Wolf Ritualis

In Collaboration with Da'at Darling

The potency of our symbols and sigils is the backbone of the ritualist. Where there is powerful intention, there is great possibility, and therefore a hearth home for great Will.

The unicursal hexagram is one of the most significant symbols of Aleister Crowley's Thelema. It is a totem that holds within it the significance of both the microcosmic forces of the universe by way of the pentacle flower representing the five elements, and the macrocosmic forces that move us as represented by the hexagram.


As within so without,

as above so below.


Unique to the hexagram of Thelema is that it can be drawn or depicted by a single line to create all six points, instead of two triangles, signifying the flow of cosmic forces through our universe.

We're pleaseto bring this potent Talisman to your practice.

Also available without the central Ruby. For Gold, please inquire.

Is It For Me?

The best way for you to decide if this is the right talisman for you is to stop reading this with your mind, and start feeling it with your body.  Can you feel this piece speaking to you?  Do you know you have to work with it?  Can you feel the potency it will add to your practice?  


It is always my goal to return you to your sovereignty. 

If this speaks to you, you should have it.